Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI, it's personal...

As a disabled female in STEM, EDI is at the core of my experience. 

Furthermore, my brother, following a catastrophic accident, is a C4/5 quadriplegic, which in functional terms means he is wheelchair bound and can't move his body below his shoulders. 

My experiences, both personally and as a sister of a wheelchair user, influence every aspect of my life and drive my passion for widening participation, access, and visibility of disability in Science. Here I outline some examples of the ways in which I participate  with EDI initiatives within my affiliations. 

Fisheries Society of the British Isles EDI Committee Member

Member since 2023

Through my participation, I provide my experiences both as a disabled member of Academic Societies but I also help initiate and lead conversations around Grant application review, implicit bias, and the role of individuals in creating a more accessible society. 

Disability Network Cornwall

Co-Chair and Founding Member

Cornwall Campuses of the University of Exeter and Falmouth University, UK. 2021 - present. You can find our webpage with resources and information here.

As a Co-Chair, I help direct the DNC's monthly actions to best reflect our mission statement, I advocate on different panels and committees across the University of Exeter, and the Cornwall FXPlus Estates management organisation, for the rights and dignity of disabled and caring members of the community as spelled out in the Law and in institutional charters. 

I routinely am directly involved with problem-solving for students and staff who seek the support of the Network.

CEC Wellbeing, Inclusivity & Culture (WIC) Working Group

Member since 2021 (formerly the CEC Inclusivity Committee)

I am a postgraduate representative on the Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC) WIC working group and a liaison between the group and the Disability Network Cornwall. You can find my profile on the Committee's webpage here